Welcome to Sump Saver!

Welcome to Sump Saver!

Welcome to Sump Saver!Welcome to Sump Saver!Welcome to Sump Saver!

Quite simply the most efficient and cost effective coolant coalescer for removing tramp oil and other oil from your tank!

About Us

Our Start


With A combined 60+ years of experience in machine tool maintenance, mechanical and industrial engineering, we noticed a problem common to nearly all machine shops. Sump maintenance was costly in time and resources. Often, smaller shops opted not to bother with preventative maintenance, rather waiting for inevitable failure before taking action! 

On further investigation, we also found that existing solutions were costly and not user friendly. There had to be a better way!

So the Tornado coalescer was born as a simple, efficient and cost effective method to remove tramp oils from the surface of coolant and aerate it at the same time without requiring a lot of maintenance ( cleaning or changing filters/media).

 So welcome to the all new sump-saver.com!

All made in the U.S.A. by veterans for the hard working people in American industry.

Our Promise

We start off using only the best parts we can find, and then we add in the American pride in our workmanship. For example, we use real bulkhead fittings, where in many cases others just screw into the sides of the bucket.

Our Flagship Products

The Original Sump Saver "Tornado"


  This revolutionary new skimmer / coalescer uses an all new intake to separate oil and sludge. The unit requires a sump opening of only 4x 4 inches! 

The unit oxygenates the coolant and inhibits anaerobic bacteria growth. 

It has been used in sumps from 30-300 + gallon capacity.

Sump Saver is easy to clean! 

Dump the container, wipe with a few rags, or flush with hot water. Cleaning the pump requires nothing more than grabbing the tabs, twist, and pull! The plastic strings stay on top of the impeller and do not become wound around the shaft!

It’s Easy to Move!

The lid is a strong and thick screw on locking lid made from solid HDPE. It won’t fall apart in your hands when you try to move it, and it won’t deform! No more separate steel clamps to deal with either!


We are happy to assist customers with installation help, or Proper use, However, for sales, we will refer all customers to distributors based on locale

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